#11 AUDIO: You must bring your own headsets to class: we will move to the open lab to work on the Mac stations! You will work on the Mac to create the soundtrack for your animations

Understanding Audio. Audacity and GarageBand, audio frequencies and sampling rates, Nyquist Theorem, formats, compression.

Norman McLaren Pen Poin Percussion // Musique Concrete #1 // Theremin / Schaeffer Chemin de Fer 48 Psyché Rock / Stockhausen  / John Cage / Xenakis, ScoreLight / Moog / Gershon Kingsley – Pop Corn /  Kraftwerk Robots 74 / { POST MODERN CRISIS Gloria JonesSoft CellLevi’s / ABBAErasure / Donna SummerBronski Beat #2 / Peter BjornLos Vikingos del Norte}  Disco Patrick HdezFelix Da HousecatSylvester // House Frankie KnucklesBomb The Bass S-ExpressD-Mob // New House – Nu Disco:  Hercules and Love Affair #1  #2  • The 2 BearsMolokoModjo •  Jax Jones // Industrial 75 Einstürzende NeubautenFront 242 #2 / Fad Gadget // Post Punk | New Wave Joy Division #1 #2 #3 • New Order #1 (Philippe Decouflé) #2 / Brit Pop EurhythmicsSmithsJ&M ChainStone RosesMassive AttackEBTG #2Stereolab #2 / Chemical Brothers / Daft Punk / Ladytron #2 #3 / Underworld / FaithlessRobert MilesDeleriumGorecki /// Electro Miss KittinFelix Da HousecatCrystal Castles #2Yelle   // Vocaloid Miku Hatsune #2

THE INFINITE DRUM MACHINE – Google AI (pure concrete music)



Download AUDACITY and create sound effects and loops that you will integrate in the final audio mix of your animation. Use Garageband to create the soundtrack with music and beats, and integrate it to your animation. Use a high quality 44.1KHz sampling rate.


The final project will be the presentation of your finished animations integrated with the audio. They MUST be
1) published on Youtube
2) embedded in your Blogs.
3) The final h.264/mp4 high quality version with sound of the animation must be placed in your DropBox folders
4) The best finished animations MUST be submitted to the Black Box Film Festival as DCP 

Convert the high quality 1080P finished animation to DCP using https://dcpomatic.com/ 

Submit the DCP to BBFF once it is accepted