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Vector shapes, implications for design, Adobe Illustrator, resolution free, tools, layers, compatibility. Filters, advanced tools. Notions of basic design, corporate image. Typography, Fonts, choice of faces. Dealing with printers, pantone colors, universal formats. Inkscape Open Source alternative

Explore: History of AI
Hoonuit -> Illustrator

Free brushes #1 // #2 // #3

Learning Illustrator CS and LYNDA.COM CC + CC
/ Paths / Blob brush #2 / Pen tool #2 / Pathfinder / Shape builder / Swirl / Swirl 2 / 3D Logo / 3D Logo 2 / Clipping mask / Envelope Distort / BLEND tutorial

History of Logos #1
Oldest company logos
Evolution of Logos

Jacob Cass – JUST Creative

What makes a good logo?

Bad logo designs
56 worst logos (SMTVA)
Bad logos fixed
Hidden Meaning in Logos / Mustafa Omerli

Spoof Ads
Daniel Carlmatz InstagramBored Panda
How to design a logo (Adobe Tutorial)


5 words that represent you

mood board for each word

5×5 hand drawings creating a logo for each word

Choose the one that represents you the most out of the 5 and vectorize it in Illustrator

Make sure your logo is
Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate AND UNIVERSAL


Business cards at 3.5″x 2″ and 2″x3.5″, two-sided, that will incorporate your final logo. Do not use your real information to protect your privacy.
Business Card template AI: businesscardHorizontal businesscardVertical


  1. Positive version TWO colors B/W
  2. Negative version TWO colors W/B
  3. Implementation on HORIZONTAL business card on front and back with your generic information
  4. Implementation on VERTICAL business card on front and back with your generic information
  5. Turn the logo into a symbol and apply it to at least three different 3D primitives ( cylinder, cone, sphere ) to test how will it adapt to a 3D model

Post all the words, mood boards, research, drawings, vector version, business cards in positive and negative, and 3D models on your blogs. Explain your choices.


Definition of calligrama design in which the letters of a word (such as a name) are rearranged so as to form a decorative pattern or figure (as for a seal)

Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918)

Zoomorphic Calligrams:

Calligram Examples

Jeffrey Shaw: The Legible City


1) Write a [300-500 word |1 full page] letter to your future selves 20 years from now
2) Post it on your blogs!
3) Choose an 8.5×11″ letter format document in portrait or landscape mode (whichever suits the original image better)
4) Inspired by your own research on the calligram, calligraphy and typography, create a Self Portrait Calligram, using the words and sentences of your personal letter
5) Use the pen tool to trace the different text areas of your face and hair in Illustrator.
4) Choose very carefully the fonts and colors you will use, and convert the type to outlines (Mac: COMMAND+SHIFT+O / PC: CONTROL+SHIFT+O)
5) File>Export>Save for Web the finished image as a PNG 24 No Transparency with a MINIMUM width or height of 1500px

You will use extensively the following type and envelope distort tools in Illustrator:



Exploring the history of poster design and the examples presented in class, create a poster using your own image transformed with Illustrator’s tracing tools. Limit the amount of colors to 5 selecting the most efficient palette to convey your message.: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound & Shades .  Make sure to include the selected color palette in your poster.

50 examples of visual propaganda / Propaganda from Russia / WWII American Posters // Yusaku Kamekura | Japanese Industrial Posters | 1920’s Japanese GD | Tadanori Yokoo | Design X | NASA Space Tourism Posters

Color Palettes: > analogous | monochromatic | triad | complementary | compound | shades

Johannes Itten’s Color Contrasts:
Saturation, Light and Dark, Extension, Complements, Contrast, Hue, Hue-Primaries, Warm and Cool

Bauhaus Color Theorists and Practitioners:
Joseph Albers:
Johannes Itten:

Scanner Darkly #2 / Waking Life #2 / Renaissance / Molotov / Pinup / Lichtenstein

Student Examples
Nia Libretti