Organizing and integrating the information on paper: InDesign. From the screen to reality. InDesign objects, control of text / image areas. Displaying information, flow of information. Rulers, guides. THE GRID! Optimizing files for the printed world, importing, organizing and categorizing. Collecting for output / /

Master Pages / Gutter / Bleed / Slug / Image Wrapping / Gap tool / Pages and Spreads / Lorem Ipsum /


#13 MAGAZINE Using InDesign, create the cover and the back-cover of a magazine that would display your artwork and your passions. It can be Letter or Legal size, print it at 300DPI / CMYK

#14 RESTAURANT MENU: Choose your favorite local restaurant. Borrow one of their menus, radically redesign the menu using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, so that it is totally unrecognizable from the original. Print a BW version of your menu for a final feedback session. After this session, print your final version of the menu. 300DPI / CMYK

#15 PERSONAL PORTFOLIO BOOKLET USING inDesign Create a 4.25×5.5″ ( half letter ) 300dpi CMYK booklet featuring the artwork you created for this class. Every single project, including a cover, back-cover, index, and for the animation, a series of stills that would represent in the best possible way your time based projects ( even a screenshot of Garageband /Audacity) Print it and post each page in your blog.